Over time, even the most robust and well-designed electrical systems start to deteriorate and when they deteriorate that’s when they can malfunction and lead to complete shutdown or potentially cause serious accidents.

When was the last time you had arranged for an electrical safety test at your business premises? Although it can seem like a nuisance and you’d rather handle any problems as and when they occur, there are some very good reasons why you should make it a priority.

Even when you do arrange for electrical testing, do you always make sure it is handled by a fully qualified and certified electrician who is NICEIC registered? While you may think you are saving money, you could actually be putting you, your employees and property at risk.

Therefore, to help you understand the importance of not only having your electrical systems tested regularly but by an NICEIC approved contractor, we are going to why this should be a priority.

Safety First, Always

First and foremost, the main reason why you need to have your commercial electrical systems inspected and tested regularly is for safety reasons. As outlined in the Health and Safety at Work Act of 1974, you are responsible for ensuring that your property which dependant on type is tested at the correct intervals and is in line with electrical inspection and testing requirements.

Why Hire an NICEIC Approved Contractor?

You may think that as all electricians have more or less the same skillsets and experience that it doesn’t really matter who you hire for your electrical safety test. However, the electrical inspection and testing need to be carried out to meet the appropriate safety and technical standards that conform to the British Standards BS7671. This is something that NICEIC electricians can do.

There is more to it than that, though. Before we outline some of the benefits of having your electrical safety test carried out by an individual who is NICEIC registered, we’ll explain what the NICEIC actually is and what an NICEIC approved contractor is.

What is the NICEIC?

NICEIC stands for National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting. The organisation is a voluntary body that operates independently on behalf of the electrical contracting sector and provides support, products and industry-recognised certifications for electrical contractors in the UK. It is based in Houghton Regis, Bedfordshire and was established in 1956

What is an NICEIC Approved Contractor?

An electrician who is NICEIC registered is an electrical contractor that has been fully assessed by the NICEIC to the highest standards covering all kinds of electrical installations and contractors.

Do Electricians Need to be NICEIC Approved Contractors?

The simple answer to this question is that not, they do not. There are no legal implications about hiring an electrician that is not NICEIC registered. However, if you were hiring a builder, you would likely think twice about giving work to one who doesn’t possess a CSCS card, you may want to avoid hiring an electrician who is not an NICEIC approved contractor.

Benefits of Electrical Inspection and Testing by an NICEIC Approved Contractor

So far, we have highlighted why you need regular electrical safety tests and what an NICEIC registered contractor is. Next, we’re going to dig a little deeper and look at some of the key benefits of hiring NICEIC electricians.

Competence and Safety

We’ve already outlined why it is crucial as a business owner that you have your property electrical safety test carried out regularly. It’s vital to make sure you, your employees and building are safe from power cuts or more serious and dangerous accidents when failures occur. The same is true of why you should only invest in the services of NICEIC electricians.

As the NICEIC provides certification and assessment services for contractors registered through the organisation that is constantly tweaked and updated, you can be sure they will perform the task competently. The assessment is incredibly strict and covers their key staff member’s competence, the quality of their equipment, their documentation, premises and work.

Building Regulations Compliance

If you are having any building work done on your business premises, hiring NICEIC electricians to handle the installation, inspection and testing of electrical systems can make sure the work complies with the Building Regulations Schemes.

Individuals with the appropriate NICEIC certification are allowed to self-certify the work requiring notification as outlined in those Building Regulations through the Local Building Control Body. This can save you money and time while ensuring you stay on the right side of local rules and regulations.

Insurance Purposes

While it’s true that there are no legal implications as to why you should have your electrical safety test carried out by an NICEIC approved contractor, many insurance companies still recognise the certification. This means that if you want your business electrical systems and building protected by your insurance policy, it is always best to hire an individual who is NICEIC registered.

True Peace of Mind

Last but not least, another huge benefit that comes only working with NICEIC electricians is that you have true peace of mind. Not only that the electrical inspecting and testing will be carried out to a high standard but that if it isn’t you can have any issues and problems rectified. This is possible through the NICEIC’s independent complaints procedure. What’s even better about this is that this is available for no additional cost.


The bottom line is, if you are looking for an electrician to handle the crucial electrical safety test for your commercial property, it is best to avoid cutting corners and hire an NICEIC approved contractor.

The NICEIC marking is a sign of quality and that they adhere to a high standard of safe and expert workmanship. You will not invalidate your insurance coverage and ensure that your workplace and your employees are safe and avoid any avoidable issues that could draw your business operations to a halt.

Time is money and while it may cost more to hire an electrician who is NICEIC registered, the investment will potentially save you time and money in the long run.

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