It wasn’t long ago that people scoffed at the idea of electric vehicles becoming a viable alternative to traditional cars. However, with the majority of countries across Europe now pushing for more extensive electrification to greatly reduce their carbon emissions by 2030, no-ones really laughing or deriding the idea of electric cars anymore. For instance, the UK announced towards the end of 2019 that it was putting forward an EV charger fund worth £400m.

Clearly, EV vehicles and their chargers are here to stay and only going to become more prevalent. It’s not just drivers who need to take note of this shift and push for more electric cars on British roads, businesses should consider acting to be part of the change rather than rallying against it.

Why? There are many benefits for businesses to invest in the services of EV charger installers. What benefits? In the following post, that’s exactly what we are going to discuss.

Improve Brand Reputation

As many people are worried about the harm we have done in the past and are continuing to do to the planet, there has been an increase in people interested in living greener lifestyles. This has spilled over into the choices they make when they are buying products and using services. According to one report published by Forbes a couple of years ago,

84% of the consumers surveyed stated that they felt more positive towards companies that supported environmental or social issues. Another telling statistic was that 88% would be interested in loyalty to those companies over the ones who had less eco-friendly interests.

Therefore, whether you start using more EV vehicles in your company fleet or hire EV charger installers like OLEV installers or even Pod Point Approved installers and Rolec Approved installers to provide charging points on your business premises, these are clear signs you are taking affirmative action in the right direction.

Save Money Through Tax Relief

Choosing to go electric could seriously save you a lot of money. For one thing, electricity is a lot cheaper than petrol. That’s not the only way you can save, though. There are tax benefits and government subsidy funds that you have access to only by using electric vehicles and have EV car chargers on site. For example, the Workplace Charging Scheme and saving company car tax can make a real difference to your profit margins.

Then there’s the carbon emissions tax, that you can lower by lowering your carbon footprint.

Increased Energy Resilience

While the above benefits may feel a little obvious, there is one advantage to using electric vehicles and having EV charger installers, like Pod Point Approved installers set up charging points on your property. If you opted for EV chargers that are bi-directional or two-way, they can both convert the energy and direct it into the car or back out of it into the charger, you can use them to increase your energy resilience.

That is, whenever there is a power shortage or power-cut, you don’t need to rely on the back-up generator, or worse still, wait for the power to come back on. You could use your EVs as a back-up energy source.

Supplement Your Profits

It’s not just savings that are possible, though, when you hire eve charger installers such as those we’ve mentioned already along with Zappi Approved installers and Anderson Approved Installers to provide electric vehicle charging points on your property. You can also supplement your profits.

This is possible in several ways:

Increase Brand Awareness by Literally Putting It on the Map

Just by hiring EV charger installers like a Rolec Approved installer, you could increase brand awareness. How so? There are various apps like Open Change Mao and Zapmap that allow owners of EV cars to plan their routes and find locations that offer EV charging points. As these apps encourage users to generate their own content, whether it’s by adding charging locations they come across on their travels and add location information and reviews, it offers you the perfect opportunity to increase your customer base.

You don’t even need to do very much after having them installed, as word-of-mouth is king on these kinds of applications. You could try to attract users of these apps to leave a positive review for your business by offering special deals to EV drivers who choose to charge at your facilities. This will not only generate interest but foster brand loyalty and show your company in a positive light.

It doesn’t really matter if you don’t actually know how many of your normal target market are EV users. There is strong evidence that shows that owners of EV cars normally earn above-average salaries. So any efforts you try to grow your customer base will not be in vain.

So to wrap things up, you need to ask yourself some questions – Would you like to make some real savings on your business outgoings? Would you like to increase your profits? Perhaps you are just interested in doing the right thing and if more customers bring their business your way, so be it. Whatever you are interested in, investing in the services of an EV charger installer is one sure-fire way to achieve all the above and more.


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