More and More People, are Driving Green. Are You?

Smart Electric Vehicle Charging Points and Kits are Designed to Help EV Drivers Take Control of Their Charging Lifestyle and Activities.

Compatible with all EVs and enables the EV driver to completely control and manage their charging point. The user interacts with the charging point via their mobile phone or tablet using the mobile app, which can be downloaded free from Apple App Store or Google Play.

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Save Money
Save the Environment
Total Management - Total Control

Are You Entitled to an EV Charging Grant?

You may be eligible for a grant from OLEV EVHS grant.

Eligibility Criteria:
Fully Accredited Installer
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Points to Consider When Purchasing a Charging Unit that Will Affect the Installation Cost:

We are a transparent business when it comes to costs. You will see a lot of advertisements with options of charging units starting from around £400.00. (This takes into account you being eligible for a government OLEV Grant which is currently £350.00), therefore the actual cost starts around £750.00 for a very basic charger with typically a 12 hour charge time.

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Typical Workplace
£800 - £2,000 per unit
Typical Home
£800 - £1,000 per unit

Just Some of the ev Car Charging Points we Install Are Shown Below. As an Independent Installer We Help You Choose the Right One For You.

We’re specialists in installing whole host of car charging installation options including options from manufacturers including Rolec, Pod Point, Anderson, & Zappi. As independent OLEV Car Charger installers you can be sure to have the right ev charger installation for your needs. This unique range is compatible with all current PHEVs and EVs, is installed by our dedicated team of OLEV approved installers, and makes life easy from the moment it arrives:

Rolec Commercial

Zappi Commercial

Anderson Commercial

Pod Point Commercial

Rolec Home

Zappi Home

Anderson Home

Pod Point Home

The Right EV Charger Installation Simplifies Everything

Whether it’s for a commercial premises, residential building or anything else you need, our EV charger installation services simplify life from the moment you get in touch. Just what you want from a team of EV charger installers who know everything there is to know about getting the job done right the first time.

The Benefits for Limited Company Business Owners and Employees

  • Monthly payments wholly deductible from Tax.
  • Offset half of VAT.
  • Offset all running costs including, maintenance, tyres, insurance,
    charging points, both at work and at home. (All tax deductible).
  • Zero benefit in kind of tax to pay currently, (Changes years after year
    going forward).
  • The above benefit in kind is also for anybody in the company that
    has an electric car.
  • Example, paying around 16% on a diesel car to paying zero.
  • Company directors no longer need to pay for the car with dividends
    what they are taxed on.
  • Reduced Class 1A national insurance saving.
  • Reduced corporation tax due to the vehicle being a tax deductible


Cost for running the vehicle;

  • Average cost per mile is 3p – 5p on electricity compare with 12p – 14p per mile on diesel / petrol.
  • No road tax on a vehicle under £40,000.
  • London – Congestion Charge you do not have to pay.
Find EV Charger Installers Near Me

And one more thing… We’re fully accredited OLEV installers who know how to get the job done faster than anyone.

Want to electrify your life? Turning your home into the smart home of the future. Transform your home with a single EV charger installation that you can control from your phone in an instant:

  • Record and access your entire usage history instantly.
  • Fully CE certified from a dedicated team of EV charger installers.
  • Grant fundable options, fully weather proof and fire retardant.
  • Super-safe lock away charging socket for the peace of mind only OLEV approved installers can provide.


Our dedicated team of EV charger installers are always happy to advise about the perfect location for your new car charging installation. Whether it’s work, home, or a little bit of both, we’re always on hand to take care of the hard work so you don’t have to.

You should use an OLEV approved installer as specific training is required for these installations – generally OLEV installers should also be NICEIC or NAPIT approved also.

The world is going electric faster than anyone expected, so why wait a moment longer for a car charging installation that will change everything…

The Smart Choice for Businesses and Individuals

For convenience it is important that you think about when and where your vehicle can and should be charged .

For most individuals it makes sense to have a charging point at home AND at work. Eviva can install charging points that are cost effective, high quality and reliable.

We can provide packages for all situations and budgets. Whether you are a business owner or an individual. Whether you need a single charging point at your workplace or multiple charging points to meet demand.

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